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    “My dear, a good half of that party is dust by now.”


    2.BUILD? . . . well yes, there was something to be said for it: Mary hastily swallowed her dismay, seeing his feathers rise in earnest. Build? . . . before he knew anything about a locality? Why, a neighbour’s fowls only needed to cackle or crow too early of a morning, railway-whistles or church-bells sound too plainly, and all his peace and pleasure would be gone. She was not going to risk any such contingency as that, thank you! And having wormed the information out of him that he leaned to the district lying between St. Kilda and Brighton, she took John into confidence, and John and she laid their heads together to circumvent his harebrained scheme. A string or two was pulled; and one day, while Richard and she were driving round looking for a site, they happened, as if by chance, on the very house to suit them. One, too, that was not yet in the public market. As John had foreseen, Richard lost his heart to it on the spot, and before the week was out had become its owner. — Well! buying offhand was bad enough; but a good deal less risky than building.
    3.“Nothing to do indeed! I, who all my life have longed for a little leisure to follow my own pursuits! Haven’t I told you, Mary, again and again, that if I were to read from sunrise to sundown, for the rest of my days, I shouldn’t get through a quarter of the books that are waiting for me?”
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